Billings, Montana Cyber Security Summer Institute Camp 2022

*The summer 2022 camp in Billings, MT has already passed. Fill out the form on the right to stay up to date on future camps.*

You just got out of school last week, ready for some fun and new challenges? Join us for a week-long, 1/2-day cyber camp that will introduce you to the domain of Cybersecurity.

You will work with a special distribution of Linux from an external drive that you will take with you at the completion of the camp. Topics include Linux, Python programming, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and controlling devices through the Internet/cloud applications. Since this is Cyber Camp, time will also be spent learning how to make everything secure and safe.

Additionally, you will spend time identifying and examining some common cyber-attacks. Learning how to spot them, stop them, and defend against future attacks.

All the tools used in the class will be run on the external drive so you can apply your skills or learn more after you complete the class.

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