Early College for High School Students in Montana

Whether you're interested in gaining a better understanding of cybersecurity, preparing for an entry-level cyber career, or getting a head-start on an Associate's of Applied Science, we have program options for you! All of the courses below are eligible for the 1-2-FREE program. Once a student has used their 1-2-Free benefits, CyberMontana will pay for additional credit hours leading to the completion of the CTS Program.

Cybersecurity for High School Students Introduction to Cybersecurity (ITS 130)

This entry-level, one-semester course provides an opportunity for students to explore the cybersecurity field without the commitment to a full program. The Introduction to Cybersecurity establishes foundational knowledge for students in: 

  • Cybercrime
  • Security principles
  • Technologies
  • Procedures to defend networks

Cybersecurity Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS) Program

Cybersecurity Certificate of Technical Studies Program is a 1-2 year program with four required courses for students who are interested in pursuing an entry-level career, or an Associate of Applied Sciences upon completion. Students will gain the following skills: 

  • Networking concepts
  • IT systems components
  • System administration
  • Fundamental security design principles
  • Cyber-threats and cyber defense
  • Cryptography
  • Policy, legal, ethics, and compliance


Proud Recipient of the Montana's Future at Work Grant, funded by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, for both the 2022-2023 and the 2023-2024 award years. Learn more about the grant here.

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