Cybersecurity & Information Technology Higher Education Programs Across Montana

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As the education hub for Cybersecurity and IT in Montana, we host programs that accommodate learners from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. In addition to our programs, we highlight Cybersecurity and IT certifications and degrees at all colleges and institutions statewide. Below is a thorough list of Montana institutions offering Cybersecurity and/or IT programs. We hope that by providing a view of all Cybersecurity and IT higher education programs across the state, learners can find the program that best fits their needs and interests based on location, program duration, and course format (in-person, online, asynchronous).

Our team is still in the process of confirming program information. Find a comprehensive list of Montana institutions at the bottom of the page to browse additional programs at respective colleges. If programs at your local college are not yet included, reach out to Kristal Crowley ( with information about your curriculum options and opportunities. 

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Programs with an asterisk (*) are fully online and asynchronous.

2-Year Center of Academic Excellence Programs 

Cyber Rapid Training Programs

2-Year Associate of Applied Science Programs

2-Year Associate of Science Programs

1-Year Certificate Programs

Master of Science and Cybersecurity Programs

All Montana Colleges with Cybersecurity or IT Programs